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You can help keep the next creative generation safe and street! Here’s how:

Download our computer wallpaper, stencil and t-shirt designs as an entire PDF or as individual design elements for remixing! Then parade about at hipster events.

Email photos of sweet hipster helmet action, awesome helmet-related links, and your remixed Helmets for Hipsters artwork, to us here.

Petition your favourite celebrities to support this valuable community safety project.

Link to us, and pimp us on your blog. Sure we’re whores, but we’re good whores - because we have the wellbeing of the world’s hipsters at heart.

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About Helmets For Hipsters

  • I grew up riding my bike without a helmet, feeling the breeze in my hair. Then that darn government made helmet wearing compulsory. It still is. But you try telling that to fancy-free young urbanites. So in the interest of safeguarding the well-coiffed craniums of my generation, I decided to launch a community service project… Helmets for Hipsters.

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