A precious life saved - by a helmet!

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According to this report, former soapie star Daniel McPherson was saved from certain death in a freak bike smash ... by his helmet. The erstwhile Neighbours and The Bill actor, who currently hosts that intellectual powerhouse of a TV show, Killer Sharks, was in training for an iron man competition. His girlfriend, Big Brother alum and lip gloss entrepreneur, Jemma Gawned, rushed to Sydney to be by his side.

MacPherson had been in heavy training for his tilt at the upcoming Australian Ironman Championships when the chain on his bike jumped off while he was going downhill at 65km/h.

He was thrown over the top of his bike and his helmet took the brunt of the accident.

"The helmet was smashed to smithereens," a spokeswoman for MacPherson said yesterday.

"No one can believe he didn't have a lot worse injuries. His family strongly believes that, given the force of the impact, the helmet saved his life."
So there you go. Helmets don't just save lives, people. They save precious lives. It's things like this that keep my chin up as I strive to make helmet-wearing seem cool to the asymmetric crowd.

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