No helmet no bike? Wah wah wah

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And a big whassup to my homie Jonathon, who directed me to perhaps the finest Web Page on the Information Super-Highway: No Helmet, No Bike, aka "Neuroscience for Kids". Truly it is a riveting read. My favourite part was:
"The brain is a delicate and fragile organ. It contains all of your memories and your ability to form new ones. It is everything you were and everything you will be."
We all know how these existential issues prey on the delicate and fragile minds of hipsters, especially when they're shitfaced drunk or coking out of their skulls. ("It's like, in I Heart Huckabee's...", "Omigod, Jason Schwartzman is so fucking hot...", "Yeah, I'd totally tell him I'm into Cum-ooh!")

But the comic art that comes with this website is genius. Could that kid be any more of a hipster, with his pink 80s hoodie and his vintage dove-grey hi-tops? This makes me think of starting an online comic here. It would be called Wah Wah Wah - The Helmetless Adventures of Corey. Please feel free to suggest possible plotlines in the comments.

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  • I grew up riding my bike without a helmet, feeling the breeze in my hair. Then that darn government made helmet wearing compulsory. It still is. But you try telling that to fancy-free young urbanites. So in the interest of safeguarding the well-coiffed craniums of my generation, I decided to launch a community service project… Helmets for Hipsters.

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