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How can we get the yoof of today to wear a helmet? Well, it’s a known fact that there are certain things no hipster can resist.

Ironic, retro pop culture references. If we’re gonna make helmets cool, we’ll have to infuse helmet wearing with a knowing sense of nostalgia. This project will seek out awesome examples of helmets in pop culture, so hipsters can tell their friends, “No, I’m not a dick; I’m, like, critically engaged!”

Pictures of themselves in online photo galleries. Hipsters will do anything to get their photos taken and immortalised on the web. So this project will feature outstanding street-style pics of hipster cyclists wearing helmets, in order to encourage their peers to follow suit.

DIY cultural production. Hipsters love to customise clothing, pissfart about with stencil street art, and start up bands. So we’re going to produce a range of stuff you can download, tinker with, and stick in public space.

Cruel, amoral mockery. Oh, there’ll be plenty of opportunities to point and laugh here, don’t you worry.

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About Helmets For Hipsters

  • I grew up riding my bike without a helmet, feeling the breeze in my hair. Then that darn government made helmet wearing compulsory. It still is. But you try telling that to fancy-free young urbanites. So in the interest of safeguarding the well-coiffed craniums of my generation, I decided to launch a community service project… Helmets for Hipsters.

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