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So I found this colouring-in picture over at the Bicyle Helmet Safety Institute. It's actually intended to teach pre-schoolers how rad helmets are, but it's also perfect to create ironic hipster art posters. Here's one I prepared earlier.

Please bear in mind that this took me all of half an hour. But before you say, "That's crap!", please note exhibits A and B:

I'm sure you could do better. Which is why I'm uploading the original colouring-in sheet as a template for you to have a go yourself.

Colouring-in Template

Right-click and save the image, pissfart about with it in Photoshop, Illustrator or MS Paint, and email it to your friends. Don't forget to send us a copy so we can start a gallery of shonky hipster art.

Actually, I'm really annoyed with myself that I didn't get some kind of wanton sex reference in my poster. Over to you, then.

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